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Sarsun Healthcare Solution™

Sarsun Healthcare Solution™ (SHS) is a privately held company headquartered in Tamilnadu, India. Our mission is to provide clinical engineering services, infrastructure for the healthcare industry and providing healthcare equipment consultance services.

We serve X-Press Service Provided for Breakdown Repair And Other Services On Request, in immediate service action within alloted periods. Ours Services included,
1) Asset Management & Healthcare Product Consultance.
2) Medical device installation & repair, in addition to, inspections, calibrations & relocations.
3) Fire Safety Management & Consultance.
4) Communication & network cabling, installation & removal.


Sarsun Healthcare Solution™ History.....

Sarsun Healthcare Solution™, was founded in 2010 and began providing support as local area healthcare providers commanded a source for clinical engineering services. Since 2011 SHS has been providing installation services for major medical equipment manufacturers. In 2015 SHS facility likes traceable calibration laboratory, a 2000 sq. ft. technical training room, support services, and corporate offices. In 2015, SHS expanded its operations into the South India and Mid india regions to meet the needs of several large Corp.,Hospitals. In 2015, SHS completed a successful acquisition of Green Global Solution in an effort to expand into the manafacturing of general hospital equipment like LED light, solar panels, UPS, Servo Stablizer, Security CCD CAM, and many useful things. Company growth has included expanded services for in Consultancy Services and Remote Service Supports.

Ours Strength

Healthcare Service Supports 99%

Field Service Engineer 91%

Remote Service Supports 89%

On-Site Service Supports 95%

Ours Differences

Focusing on our core business in the medical profession and developing industry expertise. we know that no two organizations are the same in the way they will utilize our services, and we are willing to listen to your needs and work out an agreement that is fair to all parties. Customer feedback is constantly sought, recorded and analyzed as part of the continuous improvement cycle and to solve problems efficiently.

Commitment to improving customer satisfaction through feedback & work assessments. SHS team works to establish performance management practices and then measures them against your requirements. we are excited about our business and are constantly solving challenges on behalf of our diverse customer base.

Value-added services including Customer Service online, real-time technology tracking of medical devices, customize reporting, medical device hazard & recall email notifications & custom Performance Assurance agreements tailored specifically to our customer's needs and requirements.

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Telephone: 0091-8300-1800-11
Email: info@sarsun.com
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Sarsun Healthcare Solution™,
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