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Clinical & Communication Equipment Installations

Sarsun Healthcare Solution™, installs medical equipment systems and Electronic communications networks. You may be a medical device manufacturer, an engineering firm, or the end user of the system. Sarsun works with many manufacturers to provide expert installation of their products. Devices supported range from general medical/surgical devices such as Critical Care machines, Clinical Diagnostics Equipments, OT Equipments and Electrosurgical Units to Radiology/Imaging Equipment such as C-arms and Ultrasound, X-rays, CT, MRI.

Manufacturer trained, experienced Installation Specialists allow Sarsun to guarantee a completed installation from conception to completion.

Sarsun Electronic division provides installation of communication infrastructure from telephones and information management systems to Nurse-call systems and security CCD CAMs, LIS and HIS Software, LED Lights, Solar Panel, UPS, Servo CVT.

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