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We are well trainned professional Biomedical engineers, and we have more numbers of years experience in servicing and installation & handling healthcare equipments and we have merge up with many world class company training.

we are confident and knowledgeable; we listen to our customers concerns and needs. We accept challenges and implement simple solutions. We are committed to continuous process improvement and the implementation of closed-loop feedback for our clients. We become your eyes and ears providing a detail feedback mechanism. We post key customer satisfaction measures.

we know that no two organizations are the same in the way they will utilize our services, and we are willing to listen to your needs and work out an agreement that is fair to all parties. Customer feedback is constantly sought, recorded and analyzed as part of the continuous improvement cycle and to solve problems efficiently.

Yes, we are candid and honest, open to accept a customers request for resolution to ongoing problems. We believe that we can show our customers the fastest, least expensive, and best alternative. At Sarsun, we align your objectives with ours and have similar incentives to control costs and increase workforce productivity.

Yes, Using measurement - Sarsun team works to establish performance management practices and then measures them against your requirements. Thats the Sarsun difference.

Ours Real Passion – we are excited about our business and are constantly solving challenges on behalf of our diverse customer base.

Our dedication to professional development and education has merited outstanding results as managers and specialists. Sarsun Helthcare is recognized at local, state, and national levels as one of the industries top performers. We highly value continuing education and our training modules focus on technical, clinical and communication skills.

Yes, we are confident that we possess the best technology in our market segment, and are continuing to look toward the future. This includes technology management software that will allow live customer interaction via the Internet and access to all their equipment records, reports, and documentation. Test equipment replacement and upgrades are constantly being accessed for life cycle analysis. Using collaborative tools, we are able to bring faster and safer responses, avoiding downtime, managing regulatory actions and improving customer satisfaction. Sarsun Healthcare Solution technology also offers features allowing the integration of facility and asset management data into one feature-rich package and an Internet work request system.

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