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Clinical Equipment Repair & Calibration

Today economy reminds every business operator to streamline and reduce costs. Your efforts to support both your patients and business require enormous amounts of time and resources. Sarsun strives to work with you to create a customer service solution that supports you, our customer.

Sarsun Healthcare Solution™ is backed by manufacturer trained and experienced Biomedical Certified, Biomedical Equipment Technicians capable of servicing a single device or an entire facility.

Sarsun offers a complete range of clinical engineering and information technology inspections, repairs and remediation programs. These programs are designed to meet the unique needs of our clients. Services offered are:

  • Evaluation for repair feasibility and repairing equipment as needed.
  • Sourcing and purchasing replacement repair parts.
  • Calibration of medical devices and instruments.
  • Updating medical device hardware and software
  • Medical device certifications for most healthcare regulatory agencies.
  • Our facilities:

    Our facilities were designed with workflow layouts and rapid execution systems to insure quick diagnosis, repair, and return of your equipment avoiding downtime.

    Repair and Calibration lab:

    With over more of space, Sarsun repair and calibration lab utilizing state-of-the-art test and measurement equipment traceable to the Sarsun Database Management Service, in respective institute, hospital and laboratory to maintain your equipment.

    Equipment Loaner Program:

    Our equipment loaner program provides further assurances of complete uptime care.


    We maintain a large inventory to help our clients resolve problems quickly and keep their customers happy. At Sarsun Healthcare Service Solution, if we cannot meet a customer’s expectations for fast, cost-effective service, then we are not serving our client well. After diagnosing the problem, many companies spend an equally lengthy amount of time trying to locate a part. The result? A dissatisfied customer.

    Parts Acquisition:

    The more you pay for parts or the longer the downtime, the greater the impact on your profitability. We maintain a large inventory to ensure that you can achieve cost-effective repairs.

    24x7 Technical Support:

    Sarsun Live, our 24x7 technical support service center offers all the support one needs with knowledgeable and experienced technicians, while Sarsun on site services provides support at your location.

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