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Various Service Supports (VSS)

Sarsun Healthcare Solution™(SHS) bringing 360 degree working modules with its various functions to bring our fast support become realise to our valuable clients.

Online Service Support

SHS is offers completely online service support to instruments, so analyze biotech is reducing down time of the instruments. This service not avaliable for some models*.

Onsite Support

SHS is loaded with highly trained professionals to provide engineering support and application to ours valuable clients. Our supporting team peoples will be give excellent working nature so our clients can enjoy presence of our professionals. We are have clear supply chain for spare parts and consumables so will ensuring trouble free performance module for your equipments.

Application Support

Customers are different same their requirements also different, so we clearly understanding this factor so Sarsun is bringing unique application concept for each and every customers based on their requirement . Our customer based concentration will bring excellent fortune to our clients. The customers can bring their queries through our website these queries will be revert to the corresponding department and addressed within no time.

Upgrade Support

SHS has various upgrade solutions as an added-value service to meet customer’s requirements for function, application or performance. *upgrade may not be applicable for some models.

Validation Support

As per who norms each and every instruments should undergone validation function for cycle of period which is ensuring system performance up to standard so Sarsun Healthcare Solution is moving to take kindof task to ensure all our customers systems to stay on this standard up to life time of the equipment.

Certification Support

Certifications are most powerful public key to establish our reputation. Sarsun Consultance will provide excellent documentation support to bring your certifications dream like fire safety certificate, noc, govt approval doc, nabl, nhbl standards come true.

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